An egg hunt with a difference!

An egg hunt with a difference!

Preschoolers make pretty intrepid explorers. Whether it’s scaling the kitchen counter or jumping off the sofa, a child’s instinctive need to discover the world can be heart-stopping stuff for grown-ups. This LEGO® DUPLO® DIY build is the perfect compromise for daredevil children and daredon’t parents alike.

First up, select six bricks of any size or color for fashioning together an egg. Find somewhere fun to hide it, maybe under your little one’s pillow or in a basket of clean laundry. Draw some clues and let the hunt begin! Your little one will love getting their exploration fix, and you’ll love the controlled environment.

Now rebuild the bricks into a baby dino, and pair it with a mummy dinosaur. Explain how, in nature, parents fiercely protect their offspring. Ask the question “How do I look after you?” and see what the response is. If your child has been prone to any of the aforementioned risky business (resisting hand-holding in public, for example) this is a great, non-confrontational way to explain what the rules are and why they’re important - and that you’re not just being a buzzkill.

Alternatively, use the egg to dabble in math and sciences. Size up scale by comparing the dino egg to a hen’s egg, or talk biology by naming animals that lay eggs, versus ones that carry babies.

Before the egg hunt begins, track down your phone or camera then share the best pictures on our Facebook page.