How to make a gorgeous cotton-ball snow garland

How to make a gorgeous cotton-ball snow garland

You will need:

Cotton balls

Step 1: Roll twine out onto a table, then measure and cut the length required, leaving 1ft (0.3m) at both ends for hanging. Our garlands were 10ft (3m) long. 

Step 2: Squeeze a dot of glue, around the size of a pencil-top eraser, onto a cotton ball and place the ball glue-side up on the table. 

Step 3: Place the twine in the dot of glue. Repeat with more cotton balls, leaving 3in (8cm) between each one.

Step 4: Leave to dry and make some more! When the garlands are ready, hang them up in a doorway, or as a backdrop for your party table.

Top tip: Hang several garlands in a doorway and tell your little guests it’s the entrance to a polar bear’s cave!

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