Spooktacular Toddler Builds: Bat

Spooktacular Toddler Builds: Bat

Every haunted house with any respect for itself needs a family of bats and/or vampires. Jet black, quiet as the grave, and with a mild case of pink-eye, they lurk in dark corners and wait for the night to fall and their prey to expose itself…

Sorry! We can’t keep this up… We tried really hard to find something scary about this little guy. He desperately wants to fulfill his Halloween destiny and scare everyone he sneaks up on, but just look at him… Is he not just the cutest monster in the house?

Here’s a quick guide to how you can build your own LEGO DUPLO bats with your little ones. Even if your bats don’t turn out to be scary either, just humor them, okay? Jump and scream a little when you see them – they’ll be so happy!

When Halloween is over, you can pack them back in your LEGO DUPLO storage, and they will gladly hibernate there until next year.

Our LEGO DUPLO designers use bricks and elements from a variety of different sets to create inspirational DIY builds. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the bricks in your LEGO DUPLO sets – you can have even more fun coming up with your own creative ideas using what you have at home!