What does educational play mean to you?

What does educational play mean to you?

As parents, we want to teach toddlers and preschoolers as much as possible; if we can engage little ones with learning in the early years, they’ll get a strong start in life.

And the buzzwords for making it happen? Educational play. Yet what exactly does that, somewhat stuffy-sounding term, actually mean when put into practice?  We took to the streets of the world to find out…

As well as a bunch of articulate answers, we consistently found a whole lot of love for playful teaching times.

“It’s always directly linked,” one mom told us passionately. “If they are not playing, they won’t learn.”

“It’s a game that allows them to count, to talk, to express themselves and get a vocabulary,” commented another.

“Anything that stimulates his mind,” said one mom, of her young son.

But for all the grown-ups’ lyrical waxing, perhaps one little girl had it all figured out. “What’s educational play?” we asked her mom. “Fun,” came the little girl’s answer.

And maybe she’s got a point.

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