The Story Behind The Set: Disney Mickey & Friends Beach House

The Story Behind The Set: Disney Mickey & Friends Beach House

He plays host to millions of families holidaying at his home every year, so surely it’s about time Mickey Mouse took a vacation?

That was the thinking behind the LEGO® DUPLO® Disney Mickey & Friends Beach House set.

But while this may be a place of relaxation, the beach house also works hard at delivering bucket-loads of educational value.

Storytelling is the first foundation upon which the house is built. By taking familiar characters and placing them in a fresh setting, your little one can create new chapters in Disney Mickey Mouse’s story.

Mickey’s not vacationing alone, of course, his buddies Goofy and Donald Duck are there, too. Together they offer opportunities to explore friendship - a concept just revealing itself to toddlers.

The set is also handy when a family holiday is on the horizon. It can be used to help build excitement about staying away (especially for a first vacation), while the boat and camera give more clues about possible holiday fun to come.

There’s another important, if somewhat less glamorous, accessory to discuss; the loo. When we tested the set with one little girl, the toilet was one of her favorite features! Watch the video above to see all the other ways she played, then learn even more about the Mickey & Friends Beach House set.

You can also download one of our MickeyGoofy, or Donald coloring pages - perfect when packing for your next vacation!