How to build a beautiful colorful birthday party

How to build a beautiful colorful birthday party

Throwing a birthday party for your toddler? Themed parties are so much fun for both your birthday toddler and their guests. Both construction play, and playing pretend (insert your toddler’s favorite cartoon character, animal, sport, etc. here) are natural steps in their development at this age. Combine a few themed effects and a bucket of bricks, and you’re guaranteed to keep your young party guests happy.

This post is the first in a new series of birthday party ideas we hope you and your child will have fun with: how to easily make building activities a part of any themed birthday party.

Now, what’s the best thing about celebrating your toddler’s birthday in winter? It’s a perfect excuse to brighten your house with a splash of fresh colors! Mother Nature is not quite ready to fire up the sun and bring out all the crisp new colors of spring just yet, but a creative rainbow building birthday party with happy kids will make everyone feel like summer on a cold day.

Your child may already have their favorite games they want to play, food they want to eat, and particular wishes for props and decorations. But if you need a place to start, here are a couple of ideas to get your imagination rolling. You can also download our color-your-own party hats and banner. Follow the easy do-it-yourself steps below, to start the fun preparations. 

Color-your-own party hats and banner

1. Download and print your free rainbow party kit here.

2. Ask the children to color their own hats and banner with their favorite colors

3. Cut out the shapes

4. Roll the hats in to a cone and secure the tab in place with tape

5. Thread string through the banner to hang on the wall