A Special Mother’s Day Message

A Special Mother’s Day Message

Here it is: that one day of the year for simply saying “thanks Mom”. Smaller children might not be able to fully articulate their gratitude for all those fun hours of play, but here’s what they might say if they knew how…

Dear Mommy,

 Thank you for all the playing.

 Thank you for baking cupcakes with me, and making mud pies with me. One day I’ll cook you a fancy dinner, to show you just how much you mean to me.

 Thank you for splashing through puddles in spring, and throwing snowballs in winter. Thank you for tickling me, chasing me, and swinging me into the air. One day I’ll be big enough to wrap you up in a bear hug.

 Thank you for being astronauts, dinosaurs, super heroes and doctors. Thanks for letting me wear my favorite costume every day for a fortnight. One day I’ll realize that it’s you, who is my biggest role model of all.

 Thank you for stacking bricks, playing pairs, matching puzzles, and painting pictures. Thank you for sometimes just watching me play. One day, I’ll know exactly how to have fun with my own child because you taught me how.

 Whatever the game Mommy, I love that we are partners in play . One day I’ll tell you all of this for real…

 … But let’s play some more first!

 Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day, from everyone at LEGO® DUPLO®.