Welcome to LEGO® Family!

Welcome to LEGO® Family!

We know that playing is vital for children: creative play – especially construction and pretend play – has a positive impact on a child’s physical, mental, emotional and cognitive development. As parents, we want what’s best for our kids, but creative play can seem like a challenge to incorporate into an already busy schedule.

That’s why we want to share tips on how to make building activities part of your everyday life, birthday parties, and on the go.

When you think about it, creativity is really the curiosity and desire to try new things without worrying about messing it up the first time, or the first ten. That’s where the magic happens. Kids are native creatives, and you can be, too.

Your creative talent could be sculpting, painting, fixing faucets, telling stories, mechanics, cooking, or something you haven’t discovered yet. Start noticing all the little moments in your day when you are doing something new or creative, whether at home or at work. Be inspired by your child’s interest, be curious, enjoy exploring, and build on those moments.

With LEGO Family, we hope you will find the magic and inspiration for fun and creative family play time. Watch DIY videos, step-by-step building ideas, download free printables, and much more. You only need a few bricks to get started – and who knows where they’ll take you!