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Put role play on the map with
Modern, vibrant, and fun, LEGO® DUPLO® Town is THE place for preschoolers aged 2-5 to play and learn. New residents always welcome!
Town Square
There’s so much to see in My Town! Visit LEGO® DUPLO® Town Square to learn even more! Here little ones can explore cause and effect by turning the gear wheels at the garage, discover fruit at the greengrocer’s, improve hand-eye coordination by opening and shutting the oven door at the bakery, and use the stethoscope to help others at the doctor’s surgery.
Preschoolers get to serve up slice after slice of storytelling fun at the LEGO® DUPLO® Pizzeria! The restaurant has lots of role play and learning possibilities sprinkled on top, from practicing the etiquette of eating out, recycling, to exploring ingredients.
Family House
Easy to build, the LEGO® DUPLO® Family House is a cozy place for little ones to role-play their everyday life. Inside, they’ll find rooms they’ll recognize. Parents can also join in the nesting fun, to emphasize important, real-world routines like using the toilet, and bedtime.
Family Pets
Young animal lovers will delight in caring for the LEGO® DUPLO® Family Pets found in this cute collection of figures. By grooming the cat with the brush, washing the bird in the bath, or feeding carrots to the rabbit, little ones can experience the responsibilities of looking after a pet.
There’s so much to learn at the LEGO® DUPLO® Preschool! Whether your little one is already attending nursery or is just about to start, this set gives them a place to act out the preschool routine. The bright bricks paint preschool as a happy place, helping reinforce your little one’s learning journey.
Birthday Picnic
It’s always a beautiful day in My LEGO® DUPLO® Town for a birthday picnic! Little ones can recreate their special day. The park setting features a seesaw with real rocking action to promote functional play, as well as a buildable tree to improve hand-eye coordination.

Put role play on the map with My LEGO® DUPLO® Town!

My LEGO DUPLO Town is the place to be for little ones aged 2-5!

Familiar and friendly, the town offers young children a stimulating snapshot of everyday life through a selection of brightly colored, buildable sets. Here they can recreate and retell their own experiences, helping them to understand the world around them, increase vocabulary, and express their views and ideas.

The town comes with lots of teachable moments, whether it’s washing hands before lunch at Preschool, seeing the doctor for a check-up in the Town Square, or getting to bed on time in the Family House, little ones can learn and practice key self-care and life skills.The diverse figures help widen young perspectives, while the charming mix of modern-day features capture and spark the imagination. The range has also been designed to encourage cognitive development and sharpen fine motor skills, in ways that are challenging and entertaining. There’s a seesaw to rock back and forth during the Birthday Picnic, new dormer windows to open and close in the Family House, as well as the intriguing problem of how to deliver pizzas on the scooter at the Pizzeria!

From the Pizzeria and Town Square to the Family House, each set in the town has a plethora of play possibilities. Bring the sets together, and the fun – and town – multiplies!

Modern and vibrant, the LEGO DUPLO Town range is ready and waiting to welcome new residents!