What’s Your Child’s Favorite Toy?

What’s Your Child’s Favorite Toy?

Childhood is full of endless, creative play. Play that often starts with toys. And as a parent, you tend to have a pretty good idea of what toy in the bunch is your child’s favorite.

Favorite toys can be almost anything. They aren’t necessarily just physical objects, they can most certainly be imaginative play, games or simply playing outside with the sand and the stone. Because, let’s be honest, a child’s idea of fun is quite different to an adult’s.

To a kid, a toy can be anything that allows them to play. Or anything that makes them feel safe. A toy can be almost like a favorite friend, something that always ensures a good time and never lets you down.

One dad points to his son’s hand when asked about which toy the child holds most dearly. In the boy’s little hand is Suzie. Suzie the dog, who tags along on all adventures. (Oh, the things Suzie must have seen…).

And playing can get messy. One mum wishes that her little girl would remember that her favorite toys - coloring pens - go well with paper. But as she says, “she doesn’t always need the paper, unfortunately.” We’re guessing that their home has very decorative and festive walls!

Basically, a favorite toy can help the child develop the key skills they need at the stage they are at. And whether that is a car or a colorful sock, it is all a part of developing imagination and creativity.

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