LEGO® DUPLO® Ice Cream

Build the perfect ice cream

There’s nothing like a delicious ice cream cone on a hot summer day. But before Rabbit and his friends can relax with their cool treats, there are boats to build and sail, hay bales to collect, and lots of groceries to deliver. Maybe they can help each other? 

With fun and varied mini games for toddlers, LEGO® DUPLO® Ice Cream builds your child’s understanding of the nature of friendship and is full of ideas for creative play that copies grown-up activities.

Play Ideas

A fun way to encourage your child to help others when they’re playing in real life – whether they’re building towers or (insert suspense fanfare here) they’re asked to tidy up!

All LEGO DUPLO apps are free, with no in-app purchases, no third-party advertising and no links to other websites.