• Daisy

    Hi! My name is Daisy. I'm so full of dizzy joy that I can hardly sit still. I am an artist and love to paint! I heart art!

Daisy loves to paint. What is your favorite sporty activity:

  • Treasure

    I’m Treasure and I am Ariel’s royal kitten. Most cats don’t like water but not me; I love sailing on boats and swimming in the sea. When I’m not in the water, I am always up for a daring adventure!

Who is your favorite Palace Pet?

  • Pumpkin

    Hi! I'm Pumpkin! I love to dance and twirl just like Cinderella does. I love the ballet and the sounds of the symphony. I believe there is a proper way to do everything to make it tutu terrific!

Which Princess does Pumpkin belong to?

  • Windflower

    Hi I’m Windflower, Pocahontas’ pet raccoon. I'm always on the lookout and it's so much fun! I also love to collect things and give them to my friends.

What does Windflower like to do?

  • Dreamy

    Hi! I am Dreamy, Princess Aurora's kitty and I'm the sleepiest kitten in any kingdom! I have a knack for dreaming up creative solutions! Then its cat nap time!

Where is your favorite place to take a nap?