Zoinks! The LEGO® worlds have been mashed up into a crazy, topsy-turvy multiverse and someone needs to help figure out what's going on! Build and place Scooby-Doo™ and Shaggy™ on the LEGO® Toy Pad and bring them to life in the game. Then activate their special abilities and help them solve the LEGO DIMENSIONS™ mysteries! Call in The Mystery Machine™ and giant Scooby Snack™, and even rebuild them for upgraded in-game abilities.

Rebuild the Scooby Snack™ model into a Scooby Fire Snack and Scooby Ghost Snack.

Rebuild The Mystery Machine™ into a Mystery Tow & Go and Mystery Monster.

Activate Scooby-Doo's special Tracking, Dig, Dive and Stealth abilities, and Shaggy's Tracking, Illumination and Stealth abilities to solve puzzles and battle enemies.

Scooby Snack
Tracking, Dig, Dive, Stealth