Ethan Hunt

Secret agent Ethan Hunt is being framed for the theft of highly classified material from IMF and needs your help to find the true villain!

Infiltrate your way through the American Embassy, CIA Headquarters and more in this thrilling game level. Build Ethan and use his Camera Spectacles for the perfect disguise, and wear the Magno Gloves to sneak your way up walls.

When you need a quick escape, hop onto the IMF Scrambler or IMF Sport Car, and then rebuild the vehicles into the ShockCycle and IMF Covert Jet, and the IMF Tank and The IMF-Splorer to access a host of new super-spy abilities.

Unlock the exclusive Mission: Impossible™ Adventure World and Battle Arena.

Ethan Hunt
Ethan Hunt
IMF Scrambler, IMF Sport Car
Boomerang, Fuse Box Access, Transform, X-ray Access