Abby Yates

Things just got spookier in the LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ multiverse with the all-new Ghostbusters™ Story Pack!

Relive the film and help Abby Yates and her team of Ghostbusters save the world from the mysterious and evil ghost, Rowen, across six action-packed levels of gameplay. Equip Abby with her Proton Blaster to activate her Charge Transfer ability to move electricity between conduits, and use her Intelligence Access ability for puzzle-solving.

Ride around in the Ecto-1, then rebuild it into the Ectozer and The PerfEcto for super-charged power.

Customize the LEGO Toy Pad with the Zhu’s Chinese Restaurant gateway build, and unlock a brand new Ghostbusters Adventure World and exclusive Battle Arena.

Abby Yates
Abby Yates
Proton Beam, Intelligence Access, Charge Transfer, Ghost Trap