Your name


How long have you worked at the LEGO Group?  

Little over two months! Started on January 2016.

How did you become a LEGO designer? 

With a background in Design and Computer Animation, I applied for a job with a portfolio of my own LEGO creations.

What Creator models have you designed (Creator 3in1 or Expert only)? 

Top secret work in progress! Look out for cool stuff coming in 2017!

How old were you when you first started building with LEGO bricks? 

I would say around 6 or 7 years old.

What was your first LEGO set? 

6563 Gator Landing and 6545 Search N’ Rescue. Best Christmas ever!

What is your favorite LEGO model of all time? 

Always the latest cool LEGO set I’ve built. So that would be 21303 WALL*E for now!

What is your favorite LEGO brick/element, and why? 

The basic 1x2 plate. I need it every time!

What is your favorite Creator creature, and why? 

The moose from 31048 Lakeside Lodge! Clever part usage to an awesome result!

What is your favorite food?  

Codfish! Quite popular back in Portugal.

Share your favorite building tip. 

Sideways building is great fun! Think outside the box!

Who is your favorite super hero?  

Iron Man! I wonder how good a LEGO designer he would be.

What is your favorite Creator model?  

So far the 31023 Yellow Racers. Fresh building techniques all around.

What is an unexpected/unusual way you have used LEGO elements in your life? 

Framed LEGO minifigures are great pieces of decoration!

Three words to describe your job?  

Best - Thing - Ever!