Your name: 

Morten R

How did you become a LEGO designer?

I’m an architect, and have always enjoyed playing with LEGO bricks.

What Creator models have you designed? 

My favorites are the 31031 Rainforest Animals, 31026 Bike Shop & Café, 31030 Red Go-Kart, 31038 Changing Seasons

How old were you when you first started building with LEGO bricks? 

I started as a toddler by wrecking my big brother’s LEGO designs.

What was your first LEGO set? 

The first set I remember clearly was a LEGO Space set called 6806 Surface Hopper from the mid-eighties.

What is your favorite LEGO Creator creature, and why?

I developed a strong relationship with the pooping parrot while working on it. It’s housebroken now.

What is your favorite food?

My own homemade tomato soup, which makes the entire family happy.

What is one piece of advice for future LEGO designers?

Don´t listen to your mom when she says: “stop playing with LEGO bricks and do your homework, LEGO toys won´t make you a living!”

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