Your name

Morten Graff-Wang

How long have you worked at the LEGO Group?  

Since October 2006.

How did you become a LEGO designer? 

I built and played with a lot of LEGO sets as a kid, and then later in life went to study design. After my studies I saw that the LEGO Group was looking for designers, I applied, and went to a hiring workshop in Billund where I rediscovered LEGO bricks, you might say. I was blown away by all the nice pieces and colors and the possibilities of what I could make. Later I got a call where I was offered a job, so I moved to Denmark and became a LEGO designer.

What Creator models have you designed (Creator 3in1 or Expert only)? 

Quite a few boxes over the years: 5867 Super Speedster, 5892 Sonic Boom, 5763 Dune Hopper, 5771 Hillside House, 30025 Clown Fish, 30026 Panda, 7292 Propeller Adventures, 7347 Highway Pickup, 31002 Super Racer, 31003 Red Rotors, 31007 Power Mech, 31011 Aviation Adventures, 31019 Forest Animals, 31024 Roaring Power, 40109 MINI cooper Mini Model.

How old were you when you first started building with LEGO bricks? 

Maybe 3 or 4, not sure, I have an older and a younger brother, and we had loads of shared LEGO sets all mixed up that we used to build with. We had it for as long as I can remember.

What was your first LEGO set? 

I think the first one that was given to me exclusively, was the Light and Sound XT Spaceship 6780. I got it for Christmas one year, and that set was amazing!

What is your favorite LEGO model of all time? 

There are so many, but I do love the Model Team line. If I have to choose one, maybe the 5581 Magic Flash. I love the design and coolness of the vehicles, the color scheme and the way they did the striping in the models.

What is your favorite LEGO brick/element, and why? 

That is a hard question because it can change from day to day. However, I do like the 2x2x1 1/3 Motor Element, because you can place it on any vehicle, and it will look super-fast.

What is your favorite Creator creature, and why? 

I like the main model in the Red Creatures 31032 a lot. It is amazing how much detail and expression is in a dragon of that size, while still having all the poseabillity and playability that it has.

What is your favorite food?  

I have always loved spaghetti and lasagne, so it would have to be one of those. Wait… is ice cream a food? If that is the case, then I will have to say ice cream.

Share your favorite building tip. 

If you build a big model that has more than one building instruction booklet, try building together with someone, giving one or more people a booklet. It is fun and social, and interesting to see if you built it correctly, once you get to the point of putting the two parts together.

Who is your favorite super hero?  

Since I am Norwegian, it has to be Thor the God of Thunder.

What is your favorite Creator model?  

10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Van. It has a nice scale, loads of details, and is fun to build.

What is an unexpected/unusual way you have used LEGO elements in your life? 

In the Roaring Power set, I assembled and used the click hinges needed to make the dino, as a transmission for the car. They run all the way through the middle of the car giving strength to its structure. I also use them as exhaust pipes on the back.

Three words to describe your job?  

Creative, fun, and collaborative.