Your name


How did you become a LEGO designer? 

I studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at University and built LEGO models in my spare time.

What Creator models have you designed? 

So far: 31023 Yellow Racers, 31032 Red Creatures, 31039 Blue Power Jet, 10248 Ferrari F40

What is your favorite LEGO brick/element, and why?

The 1x1 headlight brick, sometimes referred to as an Erling (Erling is the name of the designer who created that element). Did you know you can use it as a tiny window?

Share your favorite building tip. 

5 plates in height equals 2 modules in length! That’s the secret of the LEGO system. I also love to work with angles. There are a lot of fun triangles that can be built out of LEGO elements.

Who is your favorite super hero? 

I think Isaac Newton was a pretty cool guy – how else would we know that gravity is free?

What is an unexpected/unusual way you have used LEGO elements in your life?

Let's see ...

  • A spice rack for my kitchen. 
  • A stand to hold my game console on top of my TV. 
  • A GPS holder for my bike’s handlebars. 
  • A new rig for Morten’s headphones – the plastic piece that held the two speakers together had broken. 
  • A rack to hang my headphones next to my computer.

What is one piece of advice for anyone who would like to be a professional LEGO designer in the future?

Build cool LEGO models and make sure to eat lots of green veggies! And veggies in other colors, too.

Have YOU used LEGO bricks or elements in unusual ways? Go to the Creator Messageboards and tell us!