Your name


How long have you worked at the LEGO Group?  

Since June 2013.

How did you become a LEGO designer? 

I studied Creative Media in University and built LEGO models on my spare time. Mostly sci-fi models!

What Creator models have you designed (Creator 3in1 or Expert only)? 

Three of the sets we launch in 2017 will be my design! Unfortunately I can’t tell you what they are yet, so please be patient. :P

How old were you when you first started building with LEGO bricks? 

It was my 1-year birthday when I got my first DUPLO box!

What was your first LEGO set? 

That was 1501 Large Storage Bucket from DUPLO :)

What is your favorite LEGO model of all time? 

Bad-guys vehicle in 5973 LEGO Space Police Hyperspeed Pursuit!

What is your favorite LEGO brick/element, and why? 

What is your favorite Creator creature, and why? 

Red Creatures! Who doesn’t like dragons, come on.

What is your favorite food?  

A bucket of fried chicken, followed by a bucket of ice cream.

Share your favorite building tip. 

The height of the side of the Angular Plate with 2 plates equals the width of a 1x1 brick :)

Who is your favorite super hero?  

Leonardo da Vinci, born almost 600 years ago, and yet, he already had the concept of helicopter, plane, parachute and robotic knight? That’s a real-life super hero!

What is your favorite Creator model?  

Blue Power Jet!

What is an unexpected/unusual way you have used LEGO elements in your life? 

Token holder for board games.

Three words to describe your job?  

Creative, Fun, Exciting!