Your name: 


How did you become a LEGO designer? 

I studied Graphic Design, and I have a big interest in product design and love LEGO bricks!

What Creator models have you designed?

I’m currently working on my first (top secret!) Creator products.

What was your first LEGO set? 

My very first sets were DUPLO and System mixed bricks. 

What is an unexpected/unusual way you have used LEGO elements in your life? 

I like to use the LEGO Hotdog minifigure to hold my cables for me.

Three words to describe your job? 

Everything Is Awesome

What is your favorite Creator creature, and why? 

LEGO Furry Creatures with the cat and mouse; I love cats so this was an easy one for me!

What is one piece of advice for anyone who would like to be a professional LEGO designer in the future? 

Stay creative, use LEGO bricks to build things you think can’t be built … and most importantly have fun!

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