Your name


How did you become a LEGO designer? 

I studied Car Design at University and my first job at LEGO was designing cars for LEGO DUPLO. Now I’m a Creator car specialist.

What Creator models have you designed? 

30186 Christmas Tree, 31000 Mini Speeder, 31001 Mini Skyflyer, 31006 Highway Speedster,31010 Treehouse, 10242 MINI Cooper

What is your favorite food? 

Hot apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream

Share your favorite building tip. 

I love to use the mini-ball joints – they can create crazy angles to build off of and provide great possibility, like we see in MIXELS. I’ve been working on some really interesting builds with Creator using the mini-ball joints – and that’s all I can say for now :)

Who is your favorite super hero? 

The Hulk!

What is your favorite Creator car? 

The 5867 Super Speedster.

Three words to describe your job? 

Creative problem solving

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