Find the facts

  • Lianas are thick, woody vines that grow on other jungle plants and trees. Some are hundreds of years old and can grow up to 3,000 feet long. Many jungle animals rarely even touch the jungle floor – they just walk, climb or crawl on lianas to get around. In some rain forests, vines and lianas make up one quarter of all plant life!

  • This scientist not only knows everything there is to know about jungles. She was also a track champion in school and has learned to use lianas to get around. This is a photo of her jumping from the top of the waterfall to measure how tall it is. She’s very dedicated to her work – and her science podcast fans.

  • The waterfall is almost two minifigures tall. If you must jump through waterfalls, it’s a good idea to pack an extra pair of glasses (if you wear those) and secure all your equipment so you don’t lose it. With its 3,230 feet (979 m), Angel Falls in Venezuela is the tallest waterfall in the world. That’s 24,475 minifigures tall!

  • Explorers often find themselves face to face with sudden dangers. In this case, that face holds about 75 razor-sharp teeth! It’s best to let sleeping black caimans snooze, if you should come across one. After all, they rarely disturb you in your sleep so it’s only polite to return the favor.

  • If you want to explore the jungle on foot, you should 1. Learn how to use a machete. But be sure not to mistake a liana or vine for a snake or an animal tail of some sort before you cut. 2. Practice rope climbing. It’s just good sense. 3. Go for it! It will be the biggest adventure of your life!

Quiz – test yourself

  • You have made it to the waterfall! An explorer notices and documents everything. How much have you learned about this place so far?

Cool Facts

  • Venus flytrap

    This plant is one mean, green, meat-crushing machine. It lures insects and small spiders with nectar, and in just a tenth of a second, it shuts the trap doors on its prey. It can feast on one little insect for up to 12 days. Don’t worry, it does NOT eat human or minifigure explorers.

Cool Facts

  • Black caiman

    The black caiman is one of the largest crocodiles in the world – up to 20 feet long. Some of the oldest black caimans in the wild are up to 40 years old – that’s as old as the first LEGO® minifigures. They’re fast swimmers, too – up to 30 mph. Never try to wrestle one of these at home. Unless it’s a LEGO black caiman and/or you’re wearing chain mail.

Cool Facts


    The jungle mobile lab is affectionately pet-named “The WBFANAPROV”. (We Break For Almost No Amphibians, Predators, Rivers, Or Vegetation.) Used to be a four-wheel drive, but it wasn’t big enough. So the mechanic rebuilt it into this custom 6-wheel drive wonder. Runs on biofuel, of course, and floodlights are powered by solar panels. If you need to take a nap inside, make sure you check all nooks and crannies for poisonous spiders and snakes first.

Cool Facts

  • Big jungle trucks

    Jungle terrain takes a special kind of vehicles – and skilled drivers – to explore. You need extreme horsepower and traction to cross rivers, scale muddy hills and traverse flooded trails and steep ditches. 4-wheel drive and tracks can prevent your vehicle from tipping over or getting stuck (too much). Always bring plenty of towline, shovels, and tents and provisions, in case you get stuck and need to wait for a rescue party or spare parts!