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  • The scientists believe this chamber could be sitting on top of a large pyramid. Thousands of years of wear and tear have stripped away the outer layers of the once so formidable façade. The remains of a large face are still clearly visible in the stone gate. Was this once a powerful deity, empress or emperor?

  • Before scientists start excavating the site, everything in and around the chamber must be documented, cataloged and analyzed. It’s time to bring out the high-tech gear to explore the place: cameras, tablets, research journals, metal detectors, and pens. You can never have too many pens!

  • Ancient temples were often used for religious worship or as royal burial chambers. What secrets will this one reveal? If you want to explore the inside, it might be a good idea to secure a rope tightly to the entrance and bring it with you. That way you won’t get lost inside (as easily). If you forget to bring a rope, you can always use a couple of lianas.

  • The temple now serves as a nice home for poisonous spiders and big cats, like the panther. Unless you’re a world-renowned cat-whisperer, you should not try to make friends with any of them! But if you toss them a chicken drumstick, they might leave you alone to do your job.

  • It takes hours to drive the narrow, windy jungle paths to the temple. It’s easy to get lost if you don’t know the area like our experts do. You must keep your wits about you – the jungle is alive and may not look exactly the same from one day to the next! Make sure your ATV’s GPS tracking unit is on so your team mates know where you are at all times!

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  • You have reached the hidden entrance chamber to the ancient temple. Do you know everything you need to know about this expedition? Start the quiz!

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    Did you know South American black panthers are rare jaguars born with black fur? They can leap up to 20 feet in the air to catch prey. That’s about 373 LEGO® bricks on top of each other. It may look like a cute, overgrown house cat, but you should never try to pet this kitty. It is a natural born predator and will happily hunt and eat even black caimans.

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Cool Facts


    The jungle is full of creepy crawlies that can give you the heebie-jeebies. The Brazilian wandering spider is one of the world’s most venomous spiders. (Check your boots. And your sleeping bag. Brrr …) It’s so big you can almost hear it trampling through the jungle in time to get away – up to 6 inches long. It will only attack humans if it’s provoked. So don’t call it names or steal its lunch, and you should be okay.

Cool Facts


    - A jungle explorer can tackle any jungle trail with the halftrack truck. Also great for cracking coconuts. Just drive over them a couple of times. The lightbar is perfect for spotting dangers, animals – or tools, if they fell off the truck on a rough road.