The King and I

King Crominus had just been rescued from the clutches of the outland tribes, and Queen Crunket should be overjoyed. She was. Sort of. The stories of Lavertus’ bravery and sacrifice had touched her deeply, and rekindled some of her feelings for him. She was happy too see her Crominus again, but she was also sad. King Crominus had the perfect solution: a romantic picnic to her favorite place in the swamp.

I did. I do.

Crominus woke his dear Crunket and guided the still sleepy queen through the castle. He took her to a boat and sailed her out into the swamp. At sunup they arrived at the place where Crominus had proposed to his Crunket so long ago, and he had prepared a fantastic picnic. Surrounded by the queen’s favorite flowers, they ate her favorite foods in the first rays of the rising sun. That was when they felt the cold.

King Caught-a-lot

King Crominus and Queen Crunket saw the Ice Hunters approaching. They tried to get back to warn the tribe, but just before they reached the stronghold, the ice caught up with them. Is it bad luck? Or maybe fate? No matter when or where there is battle in Chima, it seems King Crominus is one of the first to be caught or disappear.