Tribal Trivia

They are by far the largest animals in Chima, outweighing even the Rhinos. They are very, very strong and often assigned the heavy duty work, like pulling Sir Fangar’s Ice Fortress. Unknown to most, they are also very sophisticated and smart. Maula has more than once been Sir Fangar’s advisor, giving him advice on subjects ranging from love to battle tactics. Mottrot, though seldom credited, has built some very complex and functional machines. Mungus has mostly just brought the hurting.

Fantastic Flyers

The most surprising thing about the Mammoth tribe, is their talent for flying. Not Mungus though. There has yet to be built an airplane in Chima that can carry him. Mottrot is perhaps also a better builder of airplanes, than pilot of them. Though heavy and groundborne, the mammoth moves with more confidence and determination in the sky than the Vultures. Check out this bit of video, where the Mammoths are sent to fix what the Vultures cannot.

Trunk Funk

Although they do not usually communicate in this way, the Mammoths can use their trunks to produce a range of sounds. They do this by modifying the size of the holes in their noses, as air passes over their voice box. They can do everything from a low snort to high-pitched squeaks and deafening full blown trumpets. The Mammoths are actually great musicians and often gather in secret and in large numbers to play classical pieces by the great Mammoth composer Mortzart.