Bear with Me

The Bear tribe is a very strong tribe. If they wanted to, they could probably beat the other tribes and become the rulers of Chima. But fortunately they have no such ambitions. They are a very peaceful tribe. All they really want to do is sleep. Anytime and anywhere. Of course they like sleeping in comfortable and beautiful surroundings, but the sleep is more important than the place. In the middle of a chase or on a speeding Speedor is just as good as any grassy field. Even when a Bear is CHI’ed up, they can fall asleep. This is actually a bit dangerous, because their CHI’ed up snoring is so deep and rumbling, it can start a landslide.


The Bears have many fascinating abilities, but the most surprising is probably their ability to drive while sleeping. They simply have an instinctive feel for maneuvering while their conscious system is shut down. This is a survival mechanism they have developed, since they can fall asleep anywhere and at anytime. Even when they are asleep, their bodies can still react to sensory input like touch, sound, smell and balance. As Bladvic’s many, many crashes during Speedor racing have proved, it is not always completely successful.

Very Deep Sleep

Another sleep-related strength of the Bears is that they are very difficult to control. So powerful is their sleep, so deep is the slumber they fall into, that nothing can control their minds in it. Not the venom of the Scorpions nor the pollen of the Persuader Plant. When somebody tries to control the mind of a bear, the bear’s mind simply dives into sleep and all mind-control washes off them like dirt in a bath.

Land of CHI and Honey

So what does the real world have to offer, that can keep the Bears awake? Well, there are a few things actually. One of them is fish and, as this little film is going to show you, the other is honey.