Endangered Species

In the First Hunter War the Tunnelcats were Sir Fangar’s strongest foes. Desperate for victory and blinded by his rage, Sir Fangar sent a group of his army to attack the Tiger village, while it was unprotected. The goal was to make the Tiger Tribe fall apart, but it only strengthened them. It showed them exactly whose hands Chima could fall into, if they did not win.

Saved by the Phoenix

The Tigers that got away that day fled for the then still grounded Mount Cavora, and were met with open arms by the Phoenix. The Phoenix recognized their responsibility in what had happened and gave Tormak and his Tunnelcats Fire CHI, so they could fight the Hunter tribes more effectively.

Protect the protector

After the cowardly attack on their village, the Tigers decided that they would never again be defenseless. Therefore, everyone in the tribe were trained in the art of fighting; men, women, and children. Children began their training from the day they could stand. This lead to the tribe becoming so skilled at fighting, that they soon surpassed their previous protectors, the Phoenix. That is why they started The Royal Phoenix Guards, where only the best of the best could serve.