Phoenix’ finest

Tormak Tunnelcat is the trusted leader of the Royal Tiger Guard of the Phoenix and a very close advisor to Fluminox. He runs security in the Phoenix City, and whenever there is a mission outside the city perimeter, he comes along as tactical leader and security. He is a veteran of the first hunter tribe wars. He is a very skilled fighter, both with and without weapons, but when he is armed, he is almost undefeatable.

Claws of the Tiger: Tygafyre

Tygafyre is Tormak’s bow. It can fire both conventional and exploding arrows. Tormak developed the exploding arrows during the first Hunter tribe war. Most of the fighting took place in the tunnels under Chima. This was the war that earned Tormak the nickname ‘Tunnelcat’ and cost him most of his Tiger friends. The arrows have a special kind of explosion that is designed to collapse the entrances to tunnels or caves. The explosion becomes so hot, it melts the rock and just leaves a smooth and completely solid surface.

Tormak defeated

After the first hunter tribe war, Tormak was the last cat standing. He continued to perform his duty in the dark, dangerous and lonely tunnels under Chima. It was then he heard the cry of a little Lion cub, that had wandered out onto a ledge. Tormak caught it at the last second. His initial plan was to just take the cub back to other the Lions and be done with it, but to his own enormous surprise, he was unable to let the cub go.

Hold on my heart

Tormak stood there, just a few hundred meters from the Lions. All he had to do was to give her to somebody, but he simply could not open his arms holding her warm, tiny, sleeping figure against his chest. Against his heart. At that moment, Tormak felt all the loneliness that he had endured during the long war, in one blazing instance. It burned inside him, driving him to tears and he knew, that he could never go back to that feeling ever again.

Liger, Liger burning bright

Tormak kept the little lioness cub and named her Li’Ella. Li’Ella returned his love as unconditionally as only a child can and Tormak lost his heart to her. As Li’Ella grew, Tormak taught her all that he knew about fighting and defending oneself. How to be true and how to be brave. Li’Ella also taught Tormak something: How to feel happy again. How to smile and have fun. This beautiful Lioness saved his soul from sorrow and Tormak knows it. There is nothing he would not do for her.


Li’Ella is a young Lioness. Brave of heart and strong of body. She is a very capable combatant, as she has been trained by the finest fighter in Chima. She is good-hearted, fun-loving and simply a very kind person. She is noble, valiant and will protect those who need it, even if it means jeopardizing her own safety. She is skilled in the wielding of many weapons, but her personal favorite is the double-headed axe. Li’Ella has grown up among cats in Phoenix City, but only Tigers and Leopards. So when she meets Laval, she is swept off her feet by the discovery of the existence of other Lions. Especially one so cute.