Welcome to Phoenix

The Phoenix tribe is the most ancient of the Chima tribes. Actually, they are not even from Chima. They were sent from the sun to bring civilization to the animals of Chima. In their city on Mount Cavora they have the amazing Fire CHI, the Flying Phoenix Fire Temple, and the key to the Great Illumination.

I see fire

“At first, I thought they were just bad dreams, but they did not feel like dreams. They felt stronger – more real. Then they got all too real. They started happening when I was wide awake. It scared me. All the others thought I was going crazy. So did I for a while. But something told me, that I was not. It felt different. So instead of fighting it, I went with it – studied and explored it. And guess what, my dreams and visions came true and I found the Phoenix.” - Eris

Eris day of Glory

When Eris starts getting visions of fire, nobody takes her seriously. They just laugh at her and call her hot wings. Well – she who laughs last...

The bird is the word

Why did the Phoenix choose to contact Eris? Why not Laval? Or Cragger? The answer is simple. Like the Phoenix, Eris is skyborne – a bird. Not a fire bird, but all skyborne beings are related. Their minds think alike. On top of that Eris is noble and brave. That is why she can receive the visions sent to her by Fluminox. But there is even more to Eris. She has a faithful heart and a curious soul. She dares to believe in her visions and follows them all the way to the Fire Temple. She proves herself worthy. That is why the Fire CHI does not burn her and Fluminox himself says, that Eris has the soul of a Phoenix.