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How to build an animal-themed birthday party

How to build an animal-themed birthday party

Little ones go wild for animals – and the same goes for a LEGO® DUPLO® animal-themed party!

Where to start

If you’re wondering where to start within the colossal animal kingdom, simply think of your child’s favorite creatures – be they sea, savanna, or even stable! Got a list? Great. Your house is about to become one of the most diverse nature reserves in the world...

We have lots of ideas to help, including free printable templates, DIY decorations, as well as fun crafts and games to keep little bees busy.

Also on the prowl for party bag ideas? Why not try giving an animal-themed pack to your guests instead, like the LEGO DUPLO World Animals?

Ready to swing into action? Let’s make it happen!


First, transform your home into an animal-friendly habitat:

An oversized basket, or laundry hamper, filled with helium foil balloons makes a stunning centerpiece that’s interactive, too. Let mini explorers climb inside the ‘hot-air balloon’ to fly away and find an animal adventure!

LEGO DUPLO trees and creatures can easily be created from your little one’s existing collection of bricks. Leave some pieces over, and your guests can try building their own animals, too!

Animal cups are simple to make – no matter how good your drawing skills are! Simply draw a variety of faces onto different-colored paper cups. This will also make it much more straightforward when keeping track of whose drink is whose!


Round-up your party animals for these snappy ideas:

A palette of face paints is always a big hit with little ones. You only need a few colors (and a steady hand!) to create a wide variety of animals!

A Frog Hop sends gross motor skills leaping in new directions! Stick lily pads, made from green card or paper, onto the floor and time each guest as they jump from pad to pad.

The popular Sleeping Lions game gives little ones a chance to unwind, ready for going home again. Ask them to lie down on the floor and be still for as long as possible – just make sure nobody falls asleep for real!

Rounding up

After the big day (and a big rest!) we’d love to see how you made the theme your own, so share your photos and ideas on our Facebook page.