From one side of the world, to the other

What started as a solution to lockdown isolation, has grown into one of our favourite initiatives yet. Imagine if you could meet people across your organisation that have the same hobbies, passions, and goals. Wouldn’t you love to chat with them? That’s what our Let’s Connect initiative is about, connecting people with the same interests, together.

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, and for people living alone or in isolation, it has been especially tough. Our colleagues wanted to find a way to connect with each other so they set about creating a network where you can register your interests and you are connected with another colleague somewhere in the world, the rest is up to you.

The network has grown fast with over 350 people taking part, from Korea to Denmark and from Germany to the United States, our initiative is thriving. And our people love it too…

"There’s nothing like being able to set up a Teams meeting and connect with someone and be able to build some fellowship and harmony and friendships, wherever we are", Maureen (Mo), Rewired Experience Design

“It’s easy to be yourself and it’s easy to be authentic and vulnerable with colleagues at work. I had that before, naturally. But this has made it even stronger and easier to simply just do it”, Alina, Learning & Development Manager

“Let's Connect is a great example of how the LEGO Group truly cares not only about us having a good workplace but also be global and value the diversity of their employees. With this initiative that enables us to connect around the world with whomever we are interested to meet”, Ileana Cruz, Sr. Finance Manager

“As a Let's Connect matchmaker, I was amazed to see the openness and bravery of our colleagues to share about themselves and wishing to connect with people in different parts of the company and the world. It showed me the variety of interests and cultural backgrounds we have in the company - and it was rewarding to see that even when faced with uncommon hobbies or requests, we somehow still managed to find a suitable match for everyone among our diverse colleagues around the world”, Felicia, Global Insights Manager

“I think that the LEGO Group really cares about us during a time where people were mostly locked down, they really tried to ensure that we still have our social needs met, more than just work colleagues. It also allows us to just talk, basically”, Joy, Business Process Specialist

“Living in a different country, being far away from loved ones and dealing with uncertainties have been very difficult for everyone lately. I was extremely happy when first I heard about the initiative. I've always thought that working for the LEGO Group is a privilege and honor, but I think with the Let’s Connect we even went beyond. We created a safe space for everyone and ensured that no one felt alone. Our brave and caring colleagues saw the opportunity and decided to be part of it. I believe this is just the beginning of an amazing journey”, Fanni, Legal Operations Specialist

Our people feel energised and excited, and you could too.