Celebrating LEGO® Women in Engineering

For International Women in Engineering Day 2021 we took the opportunity to celebrate with some of our awesome Engineers who work behind the bricks in our Engineering & Quality teams. We sat down with Kati, Antoinette, Henriette and Camilla to ask who inspired them to become an Engineer, what career opportunities the LEGO Group has to offer and what advice they have to budding engineers out there…

Meet some of the team… 👋

Woman LEGO

Kati Teige Gonzales Friborg, Mechanical Engineer Manager

My parents inspired me to become an Engineer. They always encouraged me to find my own limits, and never put me in a “female” box. My father worked for the LEGO group in Germany (as a Toolmaker/Project Manager and Designer), so I’ve always been in contact with “the LEGO brick”.
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Antoinette Eshun, Mould Designer

I wanted to work for the LEGO Group because the vision of helping sculpt the next generation through play, which encompasses creativity and learning, was a great attraction. Also, the job position was definitely exciting and looked like something I could see myself doing, as it looked like a great opportunity to learn and develop my engineering career further.
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Henriette Marie Juhl, Sr Mgr Processing Qualification

I joined the LEGO Group because I really appreciated the values associated with a family-owned company. Caring is my favourite of the LEGO Group values, and being a part of the Engineering team really does feel like one huge family. I also think companies like the LEGO Group can offer fantastic development opportunities because you can move in to different roles across the business and broaden your horizon, so dream big.
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Camilla Holm Gravgaard, Packaging Novelty Manager

I’m inspired by all of my girlfriends who are also engineers, through seeing how they’re doing, and tackling challenges they’re facing. I love seeing them progress, developing their careers and succeeding every day.
Our team are inspiring others and developing their careers daily - and you could too.