Raquel Ojeda Gregorio - Design Manager & Concept Lead

“I was toy designer in a Spanish toy company for five years before joining the LEGO Group. I didn´t start here as a design manager. I was a Designer. But what attracted me were the amazing values that the LEGO Group has and the fact that we put the user at the centre of everything we do.

“In my role today I´m driving part of the future development for LEGO® Friends, focusing on innovation and creativity. It’s awesome being able to work with such talented people, making cool models, who are so passionate about what they do.


“I’m totally inspired by our values. Imagination is important because without it, we’d build really boring experiences Creativity inspires the creation of our products. We have to be Fun because we’re a toy company. Learning keeps everyone motivated and pushes us to get better and better. Caring matters because we want a better world and Quality means our products will last a lifetime.

“It’s very busy right now and I’m completely focused on delivering the project I’m working on. After that I’ll think about where to take my career next. I’d like to return to a role similar to what I was doing before I went on maternity leave. But every year the company keeps on growing, so I know there will always be fresh opportunities within the LEGO Group for me to pursue.”