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Mechanical Manager Specialist


Denmark, Billund

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Facility/Building Management; Engineering


Do you have a strong specialist knowledge about installation of cooling, compressed air and ventilation systems?

We need a skilled person who can share his/her specialist knowledge and become a valued sparringpartner when we install new supply systems or optimize on our existing plants.

Core Responsibilities

Service and optimization of supply systems:
Including installation of new and refurbishment of older cooling, compressed air and ventilation systems in collaboration with our suppliers, so that all plants and systems are always in optimal operating condition

Focus Areas:
1. To ensure solutions are long-lasting and the supplier is challenged both on technology, competences and delivery time.
2. To ensure our objectives concerning energy consumption is observed in relation to new equipment
3. Make sure to be competency updated

Play your part in our team succeeding

Operations Technology within LEGO Facility is a highly skilled team, where we are responsible for cooling, compressed air and ventilation for all LEGO buildings in Billund.
Purpose and main focus for this position:
• Ensure that the cooling, compressed air and ventilation area has the necessary technical resources to maintain a high maintenance level as well as competencies to challenge our suppliers to always deliver and install the most optimal solutions as well as provide a professional technical contribution to new projects.

• Cooling, Compressed air and ventilation plants are being carried out, delivered and maintained in a high functional and quality standard and within the timely and financial conditions.

• Our buildings and production can work satisfactorily while we expand or rebuild cooling, compressed air and ventilation systems.

To ensure we provide the most suitable solutions for both users and maintenance staff with focus on application and reliability as well as economy.

Responsibilities and accountabilities of this role:
Mechanical specialist on cooling, compressed air and ventilation tasks/projects in relation to our users in Billund. Including:
• Participate in future building projects
• Handling of and communication with Stakeholders, Steering committee and users of cooling, compressed air and ventilation systems.
• Input to/prepare business case, budget, timetables ect.
• Report to steering committee and boards of directors
• Continuing handling, prioritization and possibly implementation of amendments
• Risk management – ongoing evaluation of risks

• Be the go-to person for technicians and project managers to get professional discussion regarding technical solutions
• Provide support to our own technicians at operational problems
Instruct external technicians in our technical installation before work on these begins

Do you have what it takes?

• Marine Engineer, Production Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, or equivalent, with experience in managing maintenance and improvement of production facilities.

Documented experience with cooling, compressed air and ventilation systems and preferably project management and stakeholder management in a complex organization
Minimum 2-3 years’ experience with troubleshooting on cooling, compressed air and ventilation installations.
Experience with operation and calculation tasks on cooling, compressed air and ventilation systems
• Excellent communication and organizational skills in addition to structured and scientific way of working.
• Engineer preferably with a craftsmanlike background
• Experienced user of MS Office
• Good communications skills written and oral in Danish and English
• Must be able to engage in several levels of the organization
• Have an inquisitive mind especially in correlation to cooling, compressed air and ventilation technique
• Keep a sense of perspective and be calm by nature

Join the global LEGO family

The LEGO® Group recruits and develops people entirely on merit. If you are confident you have what it takes to succeed in this role – and you share our commitment to creativity, collaboration, and quality – use the APPLY NOW button above or below. Please remember to attach your application and current CV.

“You’ll get a unique opportunity of working with very highly skilled people in cooling, compressed air and ventilation within Operation Technology in Facility in the LEGO Group.
Further you will be a key person to support hugh projects with many different stakeholders”.