The first LEGO® plants made from plants have arrived!

Now you can build with LEGO® plants made using sustainably sourced sugarcane! Combine the LEGO plants with LEGO bricks you have at home, build your own sustainable superheroes and join Plantus Maximus on the mission to protect the planet. Share your creations in LEGO Life or on social media using the hashtag #LEGOplantsfromplants

Sustainable adventures

Watch how a sustainable superhero arrived in this world to protect the planet. His name is Plantus Maximus and he’s gathering as many friends as possible to help him on his mission – will you join him?
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    New superheroes needed!

    New superheroes needed!

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    Plantus Maximus – the beginning!

    Plantus Maximus – the beginning!

  • Did you know...

    Plants from plants are the first ever LEGO® elements made from plastic based on sustainably sourced sugarcane.
  • Did you know...

    You can’t see or feel the difference between new and old LEGO® plants.
  • Did you know...

    Even though 98% of the new material is sugarcane, the plants do not smell sweet – and you can’t eat them either. Remember to never put toys in your mouth!
  • Did you know...

    These new elements will start appearing in LEGO® sets during 2018 and they are our first step towards using sustainable materials in all core products by 2030.
  • Did you know...

    You can’t see or feel the difference between new and old LEGO® plants.

Meet the Sustainable Superheroes

  • Birdy

    A bird-like superhero with leafy wings. He can fly at the speed of light!

  • Cheeky Chuckles

    The adorable orangutan, full of giggles and the protector of the jungle.

  • Clowny

    This little guy can turn any old boring task into fun and games.

  • Little Chick

    This bushy bird may look cute, but beware – she’s also fierce and fast!

  • Little Monkey

    This fellow can speak all the languages in the world, including plant!

  • Shy Marvin

    Is he a giraffe? Is he a dinosaur? Nobody knows, maybe he’s the master of disguise!

  • Thorny Rose

    She can fly long distance and water plants in need!

  • Ultra Green

    This blue buddy has a plant shield he can protect himself and his friends with.

  • Woody Wheel

    A mythical creature – half shark, half plants! But he does not only look cool, he has a plant blaster for covering the world in plants!

Welcome the new heroes

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