Discover the Secrets of LEGO® NINJAGO®

Discover the Secrets of Being a Ninja

NEW Sets for Ninja-in-Training

In our new playsets and TV episodes, our group of young ninja in the fantasy world of LEGO® NINJAGO® are constantly training to unlock their true potential and unleash their elemental power. Beneath their colorful suits, weapons and icons, every ninja has his or her own strong personality, desires, faults and skills. Through battle, discipline, sacrifice and spontaneous shenanigans, they learn to believe in themselves and create a better world. Sound like anyone you know?

Ninja toys for any battle

Know someone who’s looking for a new snake toy or ninja helicopter? With popular characters, toy vehicles and gadgets, kids can recreate and play out their favorite scenes from the TV series, or combine and rebuild sets to tell their own creative ninja stories.

Where to find more NINJAGO® secrets

In the free LEGO® Life app, your young ninja can keep up with the latest news from our intelligence sources in the NINJAGO® world, learn more about characters, take quizzes, and find and share building and story ideas.