Save the Universe


The Universe

Whether a superhero like Batman™ or an unlikely hero like Emmet, heroes have this in common: They’re brave. And they’re willing to take risks even when afraid. Some have cool gadgets, and even cooler vehicles. As the mysterious Sweet Mayhem captures the beloved friends in THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™, Emmet is on a mission to toughen up, save his friends – and the universe!


  • Emmet

    Emmet Brickowski is still the most positive, caring, super awesome guy in town, but his sunny disposition might not be tough enough for life in the new world of Apocalypseburg.

  • Sweet Mayhem

    General Mayhem is the masked space pilot from the Systar System and the self-assured, expert, second-in-command to Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi. She might look sweet, but she is super tough too.

  • Batman™

    Batman™ is a confident and determined superhero looking to save the world while still remaining as awesome as ever.