LEGO® Avengers – Build Your Endgame!

  • Iron Man

    A funny genius with lots of awesome tech and money to burn. Is it time for Tony Stark to go back to the lab and suit up? For the good of the universe, we think he should!

  • Captain America

    All-American hero Steve Rogers is ready for action! This super soldier is taking charge and bringing the world’s mightiest super heroes together again.

  • Black Widow

    Natasha Romanoff, master spy! She’s crafty, she’s broody, and she’s eager to kickstart the action with her team of incredible super friends.

  • Thor

    The God of Thunder! Nothing will come between this brave Asgardian and his mighty axe-hammer Stormbreaker. Good thing he’s one of the good guys!

  • Hulk

    A green, mean fight machine... unless you catch him in one of his good days! Then you can just call him Bruce Banner, the nicest guy around.

  • Hawkeye

    When the Avengers are called into action, Clint Barton is always ready with his arrows and determined to save the universe...again!

  • Ant man

    Sometimes the most powerful things come in very small sizes! You don’t have to convince Scott Lang of that, of course – he knows he’s most powerful when he’s tiny.

  • Captain Marvel

    It’s time for Carol Danvers to return to Earth and help the Avengers on their latest mission. Earth needs your cosmic powers, Captain Marvel!

  • War Machine

    Rhodey is Tony Stark/Iron Man’s best friend, and he’s got a mighty armor! He’ll need all the tricks and gadgets at his disposal to help the Avengers on their mission.

  • Rocket

    He’s cheeky, furry, and a little greedy, but Rocket is now part of the team, and he’s not going to let his new friends down! Just don't call him ‘rabbit’. He hates that.

  • Nebula

    Nebula is ready to discover the true value of family and teamwork as she joins the Avengers into the ultimate mission to save the universe. We’re rooting for her!

  • Thanos

    This super intelligent, super villain warlord may have collected the six infinity stones he needed to carry out his plans – but the Avengers aren’t giving up on the universe without a fight. Watch out, Thanos!