Build Rules Together

Creating rules with your child makes them easier to follow and enforce. Take into consideration your child’s age and what they need to know about internet safety as you prepare them for their online life.

Consider discussing:

  • Screen time limits and the importance of taking breaks from being online.
  • Online bullying and being careful about who they friend. Be sure they know to talk to an adult about experiences that make them uncomfortable.
  • Being positive and respectful with others. You shouldn’t say or do anything online that you wouldn’t say or do face to face.
  • Privacy settings and oversharing. Explain that once they post photos and videos, it’s difficult to erase all online traces of them.
  • Point out the difference between free apps and apps that offer/require in-game purchases because it can be hard for kids to tell them apart.

More Information

Want to know more about digital safety, or need help? Visit these resources for more information.