• What you'll need:

    Set up time: 0-10 minutes
    Players: 4-6
    Supplies: LEGO DUPLO bricks

  • Parent party tip:

    To make this more challenging, have them choose a brick blindly from a bag.


Start with any LEGO brick base plate


Using just one hand, the first player chooses a brick or element and places it anywhere on the baseplate


The next player, using one hand, chooses the next LEGO piece and places it on top of the first player’s brick, but has to use no less than 2 studs as a connection


Player 3 goes next, and chooses their LEGO piece, also using just one hand to place their brick on top of the two existing bricks


Repeat these actions with each new player until the tower collapses


The player that collapsed the tower is removed, and the game is reset with an empty LEGO base plate

Keep playing until only one player is left and wins the game!