• What you'll need:

    Set up time: 0-10 minutes
    Players: 6-8
    Supplies: LEGO DUPLO bricks

  • Parent party tip:

    This game can be played over the course of a party.


Player 1 thinks of simple word or phrase that can be built using LEGO DUPLO bricks.
Player 1 then whispers the word or phrase to Player 2.


Player 2 uses LEGO DUPLO bricks to build Player 1’s idea


Next, Player 3 looks at the build and describes it using a word or short phrase to Player 4


Player 4 uses LEGO DUPLO bricks to build what Player 3 described


Repeat this process with the remaining players until it reaches back to player 1.
Then at the end of the game, compare the final build to the first phrase that Player 1 created and see how different and funny the end result is! Show each build next to each other to see how much things changed from one build to the next.