Chapter 6

Ketar and the Region of Stone

Being part of the region’s very fabric, Ketar is inseparable from the Region of Stone. Anyone who wishes to fully master the Element of Stone must first unite with Ketar. Like Pohatu, Ketar is headstrong and a bit of a loner. 

Taming the Creature

When Pohatu attempts to tame Ketar by force, he quickly learns that Ketar is easily as strong as him. To win the creature’s powers, Pohatu must accept – just like the other Toa have done – that hero and creature are equals.


The Moment of Unity

When Ketar and Pohatu unite, the incredible life force of the Element of Stone courses through their bodies, granting them new and amazing powers.

The Unity Toa

Together, Pohatu and Ketar control the Element of Stone and wield its powers. They can split rocks, throw bullet-speed boulders and create whirling sandstorms with the flick of a finger.