Chapter 2

Melum and the Region of Ice

Millennia ago, the Elemental Creature known as Melum came into being, and ever since it has roamed the Region of Ice. Its soul is connected to the Element of Ice, and Melum knows the region better than anyone. Like Kopaka, the creature is noble and poised.

Taming the Creature

Melum is strong-willed and not easily tamed, which Kopaka discovers when the two of them face off in the cold. Only when the Toa of Ice accepts he and Melum are equals, does the creature offer its powerful friendship.

The Moment of Unity

As Toa and the Elemental Creature unite, they unlock great powers. Kopaka suddenly sees the location of the Great Maze in which the Mask of Control lies hidden.

The Unity Toa

United, Kopaka and Melum hold the secret to the Element of Ice. They possess mighty powers associated with the Element of Ice and can call down frost storms, and create ice shields and glaciers by will.