The Masks of Unity

When the heroic Toa defeated Skull Grinder, they won back Ekimu’s Mask of Creation allowing the old Mask Maker to craft again. His first creations in a thousand years were the six Masks of Unity. These masks bestow great powers on the Toa, but most importantly: Each Mask of Unity has a spiritual link to one of Okoto’s ancient Elemental Creatures. Following the masks’ guidance is the only way to locate the mythical creatures.

The Elemental Creatures

Since time immemorial, Okoto’s regions have been the homes of six Elemental Creatures. Millennia ago, as the island of Okoto came into existence, a number of mythical beings were born with it. One way or another, the creatures’ life force is infused with raw, elemental power, and to stand a chance against the evil Makuta, the Toa must first find and befriend their individual creature.

Umarak the Hunter

Unfortunately, the Toa are not the only ones searching for the Elemental Creatures. Makuta has deployed the evil hunter, Umarak. Travelling through the shadows, the hunter and his packs of living traps stalk the heroes hoping the Toa will lead them to the Elemental Creatures.

Umarak before the Portal

All according to Makuta’s plan, Umarak has come to the Black Volcano to open the gate to the Shadow Realm.