Chapter 1

Entering the Maze

The Elemental Creatures have led the Toa to the shifting maze. It was constructed a long time ago when the Prophecy first took form among the Okotans. Only someone with intimate knowledge of the elements can open the portal leading to the maze.

Tracking the Toa

Hiding in the shadows, Umarak stays close to the Toa knowing that they will lead him directly to the Mask of Control.

The Mask of Control

Umarak’s treacherous scheme finally pays off. Outsmarting the Toa, the sneaky hunter claims the powerful Mask of Control.

Pohatu’s Choice

Believing he is to blame for the loss of the Mask of Control, Pohatu singlehandedly confronts Umarak. But the ruthless hunter forces the Toa to make a tough choice: To get the mask back or save his Elemental Creature. 
Valuing friendship higher than anything else, Pohatu once again lets the Mask of Control slip away.