Chapter 1

Umarak’s Mission

Makuta is still not able to take on solid form, but manifesting as evil eyes, Makuta’s strong spirit commands the Hunter to find the Elemental Creatures. They alone hold the key to finding Makuta’s Mask of Control.

On the Hunt

Traveling in and out of shadows, the cunning hunter secretly follows the Toa and their Elemental Creatures. Umarak knows they will eventually lead him to Makuta’s lost mask, the Mask of Control.

The Maze

Ages ago, after Makuta had betrayed his brother Ekimu, and the great explosion had scattered Okoto’s power masks all over the island, the Elemental Creatures found the Mask of Control. Fearing that Makuta would one day come looking for it, they hid in the safest place they could think of: A shifting maze constructed by a tribe of ingenious Okotans during the island’s earliest times.