Ekimu the Great

The ancient Mask Maker is a living legend. It is as if his spirit is connected to the island itself.

Before the Transformation

Many, many years ago, Okoto was a peaceful place of both marvel and wonder. Ekimu and his brother crafted masks for the islanders to help them build a prosperous civilization. That all ended, when Ekimu’s brother, Makuta, betrayed him and caused the great explosion that sent them both into a sleep that would last for ages.

The Transformation

The Age of Forging is over. This is the Age of Battle where even Ekimu must fight. Undergoing a powerful transformation, the ancient Mask Maker becomes a formidable warrior, the 7th Toa known by legend as the Toa of Light.


Agil is the 7th of the Elemental Creatures. It is known as the Hawk of Light and roams the Okotan skies acting as Ekimu’s scout watching over the movement of enemy forces. When united with Ekimu, Agil grants the inextinguishable power of the Light of Good as well as the ability to fly.

The 7th Toa

The Toa of Light is the living incarnation of all the elements. Through duty, unity and destiny, Ekimu has become what his brother could never achieve through ambition and greed.