21005 Fallingwater

  • Product no longer in production


  • Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Classification: Vacation Home
  • Construction Type: Reinforced Poured Concrete with Limestone Fascia
  • Cost: $155.000


When Frank Lloyd Wright presented his brilliant vision for Fallingwater®, he surprised everyone. The imagined residence wasn’t placed beside the waterfall that ran through the property, but above it, which almost totally eliminated its visibility. He argued that hearing the water instead of looking at it would connect the owners closer to nature, making it a thoroughly integrated part of their life.

In his design, Wright made use of similar shapes as those found in its surroundings.It consists of climbing levels shaped by large sandstone ledges so the house seems to hover above ground, stretching itself across the diving stream.

The entire house is composed of projected balconies jutting out above the rock. The rooms themselves, with their adjacent outdoor terraces appear to reach out to the branches of the surrounding trees.

Constructed using local craftsmen building with local sandstone, the daring, groundbreaking project would catch instant fame after being featured on the cover of Time magazine in 1938, making it the world’s most famous Private Residence.

Architect & Owner

Edgar Kaufmann Sr. was a successful businessman and nature-loving family man who owned a piece of land by Bear Run, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA. When he started to plan the building of a new family vacation home there in 1935, his son, Edgar Jr., suggested an architectwho he believed would be perfect for designing a house in such a rugged setting.

Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959) is still recognized worldwide as one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. His work heralded a new approach to architecture using innovations in design and engineering made possible by newly developed technology and materials.With the knowledge of his client´s love for nature and their close ties to the mountain stream, Wright enjoyed his clients trust to design an organic home that would melt with its surroundings.

No other work endures, or remains as compelling, as that of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater®. Its unique style, rooted in the architect’s belief in “organic architecture”, emphasizes the harmonious relationship betweena building and its landscape.

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