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Art, Deco & Music LEGO® sets

Put some pop in your Andy Warhol pop art. Tune up the grandness of your Grand Piano. Get wall art that’s more Ob-La-Di than Ob-La-Da... OK that last one didn’t work… But hey, that’s the nature of art. Whether you’re drawing, painting, designing or making music, you always have to experiment to see what feels right. And with these LEGO® models, you can do just that. Build and proudly display your artistic passions in your home – whichever way you like, however many times you like.

Our Pièce de Résistance: Marilyn Monroe

LEGO® Art Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe (31197)
Decorating walls doesn’t get more stylish. This iconic pop art, starring Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe, contains 3,341 pieces, including an exclusive Andy Warhol signature tile. Switch between the 4 unique designs depending on which Marilyn you’re most identifying with…
  • Reimagine a legend

    As you build, listen to the included Soundtrack and immerse yourself in a world of art and creativity as you hear unexpected details and audio stories linked to the set.
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Our Gallery of Articles

We don’t like to shout too loudly about it (it’s not the Danish way…), but we know a thing or two about design. We’ve also collaborated with some of the biggest names in Art and Music. Like Andy Warhol and The Beatles (some boyband from Liverpool. The next big thing, apparently).

So we thought it would be a good idea to write up some of the experience we’ve accrued over the years into these relevant articles. Happy reading!

Can you bring Scandinavian design trends into your home with LEGO® sets?

In a word: Yes.
Look, we know you’re busy, so if your schedule doesn’t allow for reading on, we wanted to make sure at the very least you got the short answer.

Top Art, Deco and Music sets

You can find all of our advanced Art, Deco and Music sets below. It’s a collection that’s rapidly growing, so be sure to check back soon for some incredible, new, encore-worthy sets.

If you’re into sets that prioritize excellence in design, you’ll adore the wonderful minds over at LEGO® Ideas and LEGO Architecture!

John, Paul, George or Ringo?

LEGO® Art The Beatles (31198)
Will you be unable to Help! yourself from rotating between the four portrait options in this set… or will you just pick your favorite Beatle and Let It Be? Of course, although money can’t buy you love, it can get four of these sets to Come Together in a spectacular display… (The End)

Masterpiece, (A Major)

LEGO® Ideas Grand Piano (21323)
Put your hands together for this grandest of pianos! Replete with authentic motifs, including a hammer action for the keys and a fully adjustable stool, this functioning 3,662-piece model plays a full repertoire of musical scores. Do you prefer Classical music, or Baroque ‘n’ Roll?